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Every destination that I visit, I try to eat the most traditional dishes and share them with you.
There is plenty of choice in every country, that makes it so difficult sometimes...
(Can I tell you a secret? It makes me even more hungry when I looking at it)

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South & West Europe

Greece - Thessaloniki

Μίγμα τριών ντιπ:Shall we start right away with the appetizer?Mix of three dips; (from left to right) Eggplant, Byzantine and Tirokafteri salad.The eggplant salad consists of: eggplant, roasted peppers, garlic, olive oil and parsley.The byzantine salad consists of: red beets, yogurt, lemon juice and parsley.The tirokafteri salad consists of: feta, garlic, olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice and dried hot peppers.This dish is served with bread and is ideal to eat during hot days.(In my opinion, this dish is also great to make for a tapas night, don't you think?)I ate this dish at Ελληνικό (The Greek) restaurant for 5.80 EUR.

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The Netherlands - IJmuiden

I enjoyed myself pretty well, when I was back in the Netherlands!My family, the nature, the harbor and something not to forget; the food.People often say that the Dutchy's has no food culture at all.Yes, somehow they're right, because it's quite difficult to find a good dish.But, besides the fact that I was a little bit in a lack of time, I still managed to found some gifts from the Dutch cuisine.One of the most famous dish is "stamppot".My mother made a big pan of sauerkraut stamppot, it's my favorite!Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo. Before I knew it, the pan was already empty....Because you've already scrolled down a bit further, you can see me obviously enjoying some good food!I'll tell you more about this photo at the end of this page.Shall we first start with the herring?

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Southeastern Europe

North Macedonia - Skopje

Mezze Mediterranean i salata:I told you once before; when I go to a restaurant, I like to surprise myself, right?Well, this time it worked again! This time they served a Mediterranean tapas plate.It consisted the following:- Ajvar                         - Dry aged meat- Nuts                          - Galician cheese- Parma ham             - Cherry tomato- Feta cheese            - Raki on the house- Potato with tomato, garlic & parsley tapenadeIn addition to the tapas plate, they also served a salad in a bowl of bread.The salad consisted of: lettuce, sesame seeds, parma ham, tomato, carrot and croutons.Honestly, how unprecedentedly this was delicious again! Everything they served was totaly fresh.The tapenade was homemade and the cheese was from the local cheesemonger around the corner.When you taste the meat, you know that they don't added extra aroma, color and flavorings, because it comes from their own slaughterhouse / butcher. If you have a chance to order it sometime, do it!I ate this dish at restaurant Baba Cana for 950 MKD. Converted, that's 15,42 EUR.

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Albania - Tirana

Normally I don't put extra text on this page, but I have to tell you something.Even though you are so hungry, in the Balkans you have enough with only a main course (if I may speak from my own experience).Every time I make the same mistake; ordering a starter.It's so habituated that every time I go to a restaurant, I order a starter and a main course.Especially when I look at the price, it is very tempting to do it every time.For my blog it's not a big deal, because it gives me the oppertunity to have a wide choice to put the best dishes online.Did you know that it's slightly disrespectful to eat half of the dishes?If you do that, you unintentionally show to the restaurant that the kitchen didn't do its work very well.Fortunately, I'm a big boy and manage to eat everything and leave with 5kg of extra weight.

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Montenegro - Podgorica

Podgorica style ¨Popeci¨:I think almost everyone has eaten cordon bleu for once in there life.This dish is almost the same, but it's round and with cheese sauce on top.For those who do not know what a cordon bleu is, I will briefly explain exactly what it is.A cordon bleu is generally made from pork, but this can be different by region.The way I ate it was with pork, rolled in dough and filled with cheese & cubes of ham.The popeci was very tasty on its own, but the cheese sauce finished it off.In my experience, the standard cheese sauce generally has a chemical and fake taste.But this one, on the other hand, did not at all!I didn't choose this dish myself, the waiter did.9 times out of 10 when I walk into a restaurant I never ask for the menu card, because I like to be surprised now and then.This time it was again, another success. Wow this dish tasted very good!I ate this dish at restaurant Imanje Knjaz for 14 EUR.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina - Mostar

Begova čorba: Normally I never eat soup in a restaurant, because my mother makes the best soup of the word.But due to some confusion in communication between the waiter and me, a hot chicken soup, local beer and some bread was placed on the table.I'm so glad that we don't speak the same language, because I really enjoyed this combination!The creamy chicken soup, filled with asparagus and carrot was ideal in combination with the local freshly baked bread. It may seem like a simple recipe, but they put a lot of thought into it! Definitely recommended for the next time.Price of this dish: 5 BAM. Converted, that's 2,51 EUR.

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Croatia - Zadar

Too bad, but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to put more than one dish on this page.During my stay in Croatia I couldn't find the peace I needed at that moment.Because I didn't want to leave the page empty, I quickly went to a restaurant to eat something before I went to my next location.

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Central Europe

Hungary - Budapest

Goulash soup:For those who may not have known, this soup originally comes from - Hungary, and you can taste it!Please stop with the ready-made bags from the supermarket.It's not even close to how it's actually supposed to be...The soup I ate at Baradla Ėtteren was (compared to how we know it) watery, full of herbs & spices and filled with: carrot, bell pepper, onion, potato and pork.This dish was served with bread, homemade hot sauce and dried chili flakes.I'm a person who likes spicy, so this was not a problem for me.Don't feel obligated to eat it this way, but if you get the chance, I definitely recommend it!Just remember that you didn't make this soup in a few minutes.You create the delicious taste by letting it simmer for a few hours.Price of this dish: 1,990 HUF. Converted, that's 5.23 EUR.

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Slovakia - Bratislava

Bryndzove halusky:The first impression I had was.... what the hell is this?!Disgusting, I'm really not going to eat this!But still I agreed for myself to look for traditional recipes and I have not regretted it!It consists of potato pasta with liquid feta-cheese and bacon cubes.I can't compare the potato pasta with anything in my experience.The structure is very soft and the taste is quite neutral.This dish mainly has his benefits from the slightly sour, liquid feta and the saltiness of the bacon cubes.I definitely recommend this for lunch. It is not very filling, but enough to get through the afternoon. Price of dish: 6.20 EUR

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Poland - Zakopane

Pierogowa Micha Szefa - Mieszane:Not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland they have dumplings.Now you would quickly think that every dumpling is the same, well a little bit.This dumplings, compared to the one from Czech Republic were not made of potato, but from dough.The filling consisted of:- Beans- Potato with cheese- Beef4 of each dumpling were served, with bacon cubes on top.I thought it was a very unique and varied taste experience, but in my opinion I wouldn't order it again anytime soon.I ate this recipe at restaurant Karczma Przy Młynie for 37 Polish złoty.Converted, this is 7.87 EUR.

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Czech Republic - Tábor

Bramborove Knedliky:14-3-2023 I went looking for traditional food in the Czech Republic.After searching for a quite long time I finally, with the help of Peter, ended up in -Tábor Restaurace U Dvou Koček.Here I ate ¨Potato dumplings¨ for 178 CZK.Converted, that is 7.40 EUR.This dish consists of 1 large potato that is filled with diced ham, then cut into 4 pieces and served with red cabbage in the middle.We also have this kind of dishes in the Netherlands, but it strikes me that it has a fairly unique taste here. It may be the experience in itself, but if I can believe my tongue, I think this is a lot better than in the Netherlands!

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