North Macedonia - Skopje

Nature & Culture

If I may take the traveler's advice, Skopje has not been a very big success for many.
I was often told that it was less beautiful than they expected, that there was little to do and that the accommodations were often disappointing.

I'm so glad to be a little stubborn sometimes, because I have had a super good time!
You might be thinking; pff... but if the most of them says it's not recommended, why should I believe you?
I hope you have a little bit of time today so I can take you along with my journey through Skopje.....

30-04-2023, Jazz festival:

To celebrate Labor Day, a Jazz festival had been organized in Skopje.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you exactly what time I arrived, but the festival began for me at the moment when Jani Kosturski and his band began to play.
Jani Kosturski is a music teacher at the university and during his performance he showed everybody
how it has to be. (see video)

The atmosphere, temperature, beer and sun were excellent to make it a great party.
This is definitely worth it for a second time!

After enjoying the music for about 03:00hr, it was time to go back to the accommodation to end the day with a delicious BBQ.
(See page Food)

The streets from Skopje:

Besides showing its beauty during and around Labor Day, Skopje has plenty of other beauties.
Not only during sunshine, but also when it rains you have a totally different atmosphere.
It's beautiful, it's wonderful. The feeling of Skopje, is powerful....

Kozjak lake:

About 30km outside of Skopje you can find the Kozjak Lake, also called ¨eзерото Козјак¨.
If you have the possibility to go here, I definitely recommend it!
This was enormus breathtaking. I think I can name this place as one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.