North Macedonia - Skopje

Mezze Mediterranean i salata:
I told you once before; when I go to a restaurant, I like to surprise myself, right?
Well, this time it worked again! This time they served a Mediterranean tapas plate.
It consisted the following:
- Ajvar                         - Dry aged meat
- Nuts                          - Galician cheese
- Parma ham             - Cherry tomato
- Feta cheese            - Raki on the house
- Potato with tomato, garlic & parsley tapenade

In addition to the tapas plate, they also served a salad in a bowl of bread.
The salad consisted of: lettuce, sesame seeds, parma ham, tomato, carrot and croutons.

Honestly, how unprecedentedly this was delicious again! Everything they served was totaly fresh.
The tapenade was homemade and the cheese was from the local cheesemonger around the corner.
When you taste the meat, you know that they don't added extra aroma, color and flavorings, because it comes from their own slaughterhouse / butcher. If you have a chance to order it sometime, do it!

I ate this dish at restaurant Baba Cana for 950 MKD. Converted, that's 15,42 EUR.

Naaaaahhh,,,, this was such a good treat!
This piece of pastry is quite hard to find on the streets.
In almost every restaurant / cafe you can't find this.
At the time I arrived, this was sold out. I asked an employee when they would have this back in stock and in no time they went to the bakery to get new ones right away.
I didn't even have the opportunity to finish my Turkish coffee and this perfectly tasted sweetness was already on the table.

The slightly sweet yoghurt / whipped cream which was coated with caramelized vermicelli and topped with walnuts & raisins is super easy to make at home.
I'm not really a type who likes a lot of pastries, but I can eat this every day!

I ate this dish at café House Ice Gelato for 70 MKD. Converted, that's 1,14 EUR.


The 1st of May, national holiday: ¨day of labor¨:
Whereas in the Netherlands we had to work this day and need a permit to BBQ outside in nature, in North Macedonia this national holiday is
enjoyed with all freedom and pleasure.
During this holiday it is very common for everybody to BBQ together and we certainly did it extensively.
We had to celebrated it a day earlier because many travelers stayed longer on purpose for the BBQ and couldn't wait any longer.

I was so lucky to be here while celebrate it with this group.
The food was excellent and the wine was sublime!

The next day, on the 1st of May, I had gone into nature to take some nice pictures at ¨Kozjak Lake¨ (see the page Nature & Culture).
On my way to the lake, you could see along the road large groups of people gathered in nature to enjoy this national holiday.

At the bottom of the page I posted a video to give you a small example about the BBQ at the stay.
The video was made by Christian Pirskanen.