Greece - Lefkada


Do you really think that I can eat in a restaurant every day?
I can proudly say that I can cook a little,
use this is damn useful at the campsite!

On this page I will show you some of the most common dishes that are super easy to make while you're camping.

Do you want to have the recipes? Let me know through the 'Contact' page, to make sure that you will also enjoy one of these dishes!

Noodles with canned fish and a scoop of corn:
Should we start with something easy?
Especially on the first few days when I arrived in Greece, I wasn't very lucky with the weather.
When it rains a lot, I don't really feel like cooking a big, elaborate meal.

And yes, of course I can walk straight to the harbor to have fresh fish on my plate.
But, when you visit a restaurant every day in the past 4 months, it would be nice to keep an eye on the money and bring out my own cooking skills.

Hahahah Vincent... And then you come up with this dish? You don't call this cooking, do you?!
No that's right, but I just needed a photo to write someting nice.
Dont't worry, I made more effort with the other dishes ;-)

I bought this dish at the supermarket around the corner for about 4 EUR.

Fried egg sandwich:
What I love about a fried egg sandwich is that there are many ways to prepare it.
I choose the extensive version, because I needed to use all the leftovers I had in the refrigerator. It's a shame to throw everything away, right?

Except for the bread, I fished everything out of the refrigerator.
A piece of cucumber, half a tomato, tablespoon of corn, Greek sausage, a couple of mushrooms, two eggs and a littlebit of love.

You throw everything together, some things in the pan and some on the plate and voila! A piece of cake, don't you think?!

An egg sandwich is not that expensive, everything together was about 4 EUR.


Dakos (Greek Bruschetta):
I had seriously no idea what to make.
When you are at the campsite you can cook something, but not always high class.
For this dish I went to the local bakery to ask for advice.

When I arrived at the bakery, I told the owner what I was looking for.
With full enthusiasm he came up with a number of ingredients that I can use for free, combined with a list of places that I needed to visit on the island.
(In exchange for all this, I promised to mention his shop on my website, which can be found at the bottom of the article)

Bruschetta originally comes from central Italy.
I can't say exactly how this dish ended up in Greece, but what I do know is that this dish is super easy to make at the campsite.
You remove the skin from the tomatoes, marinate it with oregano, garlic, salt & pepper.
Let this mixture rest for a while and start toasting the old bread with a littlebit of olive oil.
And at last, but not least; put the marinated tomatoes on the toast and you're done.
Ooh, don't forget the feta and olives, without them it's not a Dakos.

As I have already mentioned, I got the ingredients for free at "Bakery Rompotis".
(Normally you pay about 5 EUR for 2 people)

Party meal on the beach:
Yes, I had a party!
After all those days of rain, I finally had the chance to cook something good.
Well, I have to be honest that it wasn't for long, but luckily it was just enough to prepare all of this.

For those who forgot to put on their correct glasses.
I will discripe what I made:
- Greek salad
- Fresh tzatziki on an authentic way, made with a recipe what I got from a woman at the local supermarket
- Homemade hot sauce, from dried peppers
- Fried shrimps

Would you like to make this by yourself?
This can be done very easily if you have about 7 EUR in your pocket.
At least, that's what I had to pay for this dish...

Below I posted another video about cooking on the beach. Sometimes a video says more, than just a picture