Greece - Thessaloniki

Μίγμα τριών ντιπ:
Shall we start right away with the appetizer?
Mix of three dips; (from left to right) Eggplant, Byzantine and Tirokafteri salad.
The eggplant salad consists of: eggplant, roasted peppers, garlic, olive oil and parsley.
The byzantine salad consists of: red beets, yogurt, lemon juice and parsley.
The tirokafteri salad consists of: feta, garlic, olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice and dried hot peppers.

This dish is served with bread and is ideal to eat during hot days.
(In my opinion, this dish is also great to make for a tapas night, don't you think?)

I ate this dish at Ελληνικό (The Greek) restaurant for 5.80 EUR.

Tzatziki, tapama salad, fries, sardine and grilled shrimp.
Normally I never choose my dish (I always let that part to the waiter), but this time I didn't feel like surprising myself.
I was just in the mood for squid rings or fried mussels.
Everyone knows that you don't always have the choice, this time I had it with the food.
The squid rings and fried mussels were out of stock!

Well, then we choose the sardine and grilled shrimp....
At first I was a bit bummed, but I didn't regret it after all!
Wauw, this was so delicious!!! The fish was tender, well seasoned, fresh and the taste was excellent.

Next to the fish there where some fries, tzatziki, and tapama salad.
All of the four dishes are made fresh every day and you can taste it!
(Tapamas salad = fish roe salad)

I ate this dish at restaurant Ouzo Kosmas for 30,- EUR. (the dish is for two persons)

Do you really think I'm going to leave Greece without eating Gyros? Of course not!
For many of you, I don't have to explain exactly what I ate, but I'll try it anyway.
What do you see in the picture:
- Tender, cold gyros
- Salad of cucumber, tomato and lettuce
- Julienne
- Tzatziki
- Cottage cheese salad
- Some cold fries
- Mythos beer in an Amstel glass

The food was a bit cold, but the idea that I was eating the gyros in Greece made me feel warm by itself (it could also be because of the beer...).

I ate this dish at restaurant ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ (Christos) for 8,80 EUR.
No need to convert because I already paid in Euro.

For those who don't know what gyros is:
Gyros is shortly saying; grated or sliced pork.
The large rags of pork are first seasoned and then skewered in multiple layers, what makes it one big piece of meat.

Did you knew that döner, shoarma and gyros mean 'rotating'?
The name owes itself to the fact that the meat is grilled on the skewer rotating.
(See photo for illustration)