Albania - Tirana

Normally I don't put extra text on this page, but I have to tell you something.
Even though you are so hungry, in the Balkans you have enough with only a main course (if I may speak from my own experience).

Every time I make the same mistake; ordering a starter.
It's so habituated that every time I go to a restaurant, I order a starter and a main course.
Especially when I look at the price, it is very tempting to do it every time.
For my blog it's not a big deal, because it gives me the oppertunity to have a wide choice to put the best dishes online.

Did you know that it's slightly disrespectful to eat half of the dishes?

If you do that, you unintentionally show to the restaurant that the kitchen didn't do its work very well.
Fortunately, I'm a big boy and manage to eat everything and leave with 5kg of extra weight.

I ate the ¨Cottage cheese with bell peppers¨ as a starter.
It is a great dish to start your evening meal.

The bell pepper was first lightly baked beforehand and then it went into the oven, together with the cheese.
Fortunately, the cheese was not too potent, so there was plenty of room in my stomach to start the main course.

This dish is super simple to make at home for a tapas night.
In addition, it also pairs well with bread as a side dish, next to the main course.

I ate this dish at Oda Garden restaurant for 360 ALL. Converted that is 3,21 EUR.


Shishqebap pule & Qofte shtepie me djath:
Chicken on a stick & cheese-filled köfte.
The more you go to southeastern Europe, the more you will find these dishes.
That may be true, because köfte for example, is originally from Turkey.

The Albanian cuisine is somewhat similar to the Montenegro cuisine.
Everything you can get in this region is typically Balkan.
The secret is mainly in the herbs and spices.

Besides the fact that the meat from the BBQ tasted very good to me, I certainly shouldn't speak negatively about
- everything I ate next to it. The bread was served warm, the fries were just right and the tzatziki was freshly made.
It makes me happy to looking at it again!

I ate this dish at Zgara Al 'Pazar for 1.260 ALL. Converted, that's 11,24 EUR.

Açuge e Marinuar:
Tirana, the capital of Albania is located 40,5 km from Fishing Port Durrës.
These Anchovies where caught in the Mediterranean Sea and imported into the port of Durrës.
Many people claim that you love it, or not at all.
I'm convinced that everyone likes anchovies, but it's the way how they prepared it.
Most anchovies are very salty, limp, smelly and served from a can or jar.
While eating this anchovies, I really tasted the opposite!
The fish was well salted, definitely not limp, didn't smell and you felt the freshness!
Next to this dish they served some bread to dip in to the olive oil.
I wasn't able to take a picture of the bread because it didn't fit in the picture.

I ate this dish at Rozafa restaurant for 450 ALL.
Converted, that's 4,05 EUR.

Sitting at a table in a restaurant with traditional food and music
At this moment I came face to face with the true cultuur of Albania