Montenegro - Podgorica

Podgorica style ¨Popeci¨:
I think almost everyone has eaten cordon bleu for once in there life.
This dish is almost the same, but it's round and with cheese sauce on top.

For those who do not know what a cordon bleu is, I will briefly explain exactly what it is.
A cordon bleu is generally made from pork, but this can be different by region.
The way I ate it was with pork, rolled in dough and filled with cheese & cubes of ham.

The popeci was very tasty on its own, but the cheese sauce finished it off.
In my experience, the standard cheese sauce generally has a chemical and fake taste.
But this one, on the other hand, did not at all!

I didn't choose this dish myself, the waiter did.
9 times out of 10 when I walk into a restaurant I never ask for the menu card, because I like to be surprised now and then.
This time it was again, another success. Wow this dish tasted very good!

I ate this dish at restaurant Imanje Knjaz for 14 EUR.


The traditional piece of bread that I have eaten in several Balkan countries.
I purposely put this on the page of Montenegro because it's pretty special to find some traditional recipes.
In the Montenegrin cuisine, they often specialize the food in their own way.

This burek is not very different from the rest of the countries where I've been eatin it.
In every country where I've ordered it, they are filled in three different types: cheese, meat and spinach.

With a little luck, I was still able to eat the meat burek, because it's not surprising that it sold out quickly! A true Balkan traditional piece of pride.

I got this from the Ammar bakery for 1.20 EUR.

Another piece of traditional Balkan food. This time I had taken it as a brunch.
Chewapi is normally served without salad, but the combination seemed perfect against a hangover, along with the double espresso.

Chewapi can be found on every street corner and is very popular.
It is cheap, made quickly and very flavorful.
In addition, this piece of meat can be found in the Balkans on the same menu along with Köfte, Falafel and the Düner kabab.

I ate the salad and chewapi at Baltazar restaurant for 5.40 EUR.