Bosnia & Herzegovina - Mostar

Begova Ĩorba:
Normally I never eat soup in a restaurant, because my mother makes the best soup of the word.
But due to some confusion in communication between the waiter and me, a hot chicken soup, local beer and some bread was placed on the table.
I'm so glad that we don't speak the same language, because I really enjoyed this combination!

The creamy chicken soup, filled with asparagus and carrot was ideal in combination with the local freshly baked bread. It may seem like a simple recipe, but they put a lot of thought into it! Definitely recommended for the next time.

Price of this dish: 5 BAM. Converted, that's 2,51 EUR.

Hleb sa suvim mesom i sirom:
Huh?.. Yes... I'll help you a little bit: Bread with dried meat and cheese. 

On the left side of the picture, you can see some oil fried pieces of bread.
Normally they serve the bread only to locals, and not to tourists.
This comes, because they only serve it in large portions and it's quite a lot of work to make this. Thanks to a local I met, who works at the restaurant where I ate, I got to taste the delicacy of the Bosnian cuisine. The bread fried in oil was very fluffy, crispy on the outside and definitely not greasy.

On the other plate was dried meat and two types of cheese.
The meat was fresh from the butcher, but was first dipped in salt several weeks ago and then dried naturally.
As a result, the meat had a rather tender and salty taste.

The cheese consisted of: (left) Travnicki sir & (right) Kajmak.
Since the bread was quite neutral and the cheese was potent in flavor, both ingredients together made the dish well balanced.

I ate this dish at Podrum restaurant for 17 BAM. Converted, that's 8,74 EUR.

Just a nice piece of trout with potatoes, Turkish bread, baked endive and a littlebit of lettuce.
Did you know they caught this trout in the Neretva River?
This river flows through the city of Mostar and is very rich in fresh fish.
It's not very unusual to eat fresh fish over here.

Before I went to a restaurant to eat fish, I asked a few people (just to be sure) whether it is a good idea to eat good fish in Mostar.
Many of them told me that the fish is almost always very bland and they don't put enough spices on it, in other words, not recommended.
Still, I found it a bit strange that if they get the fresh trout from the Neratva River, that it is not a specialty of the city.

Fortunately, I am a bit stubborn and tried it anyway.
Because nothing could be further from the truth when I tell you that the fish and everything around it tasted very good to me.
The meat of the fish was very tender and easy to remove from the degree.
The potatoes were not too crumbly, the endive was finely cooked and both had an extra taste of garlic and parsley. Delicious!

I ate this dish at Emen Restaurant for 16 KM. Converted, that's 8,23 EUR.