Czech Republic - Tábor

Bramborove Knedliky:
14-3-2023 I went looking for traditional food in the Czech Republic.
After searching for a quite long time I finally, with the help of Peter, ended up in -
Tábor Restaurace U Dvou Koček.

Here I ate ¨Potato dumplings¨ for 178 CZK.
Converted, that is 7.40 EUR.

This dish consists of 1 large potato that is filled with diced ham, then cut into 4 pieces and served with red cabbage in the middle.

We also have this kind of dishes in the Netherlands, but it strikes me that it has a fairly unique taste here. It may be the experience in itself, but if I can believe my tongue, I think this is a lot better than in the Netherlands!

P.S. did you know that Kozel Černý is the best beer in the Czech Republic?
(After drinking 8 half liters I didn't get a hangover)