Poland - Zakopane

Pierogowa Micha Szefa - Mieszane:
Not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland they have dumplings.
Now you would quickly think that every dumpling is the same, well a little bit.
This dumplings, compared to the one from Czech Republic were not made of potato, but from dough.
The filling consisted of:
- Beans
- Potato with cheese
- Beef
4 of each dumpling were served, with bacon cubes on top.

I thought it was a very unique and varied taste experience, but in my opinion I wouldn't order it again anytime soon.

I ate this recipe at restaurant Karczma Przy Młynie for 37 Polish złoty.
Converted, this is 7.87 EUR.

Placki Ziemniaczane z wieprzowiną i surówkami:
After about 01:00hr. of searching for the right ATM to withdraw some cash, not being able to park anywhere normally and standing in line for a table at restaurant Marzanna - i Ryszard Bubka for 30 minutes, I luckily managed to eat this delicious recipe.

The dish consists of 2 potato pancakes (top and bottom) and pork in between.
To top it off they sprinkled cheese on it.
The salad consisted of: beetroot, carrot and sauerkraut.

Honestly, it was really worth it!
It was so incredibly soft in taste, perfectly crispy and the taste was delicious.
I definitely recommend to making this at home.

The dish was 32 Polish złoty. Converted, this is 6.81 EUR.


In the afternoon I bought Polish cheese. This cheese has a salty and very smoky taste. Normally this cheese is grilled and served for dinner, or served cold with cranberry jam.
Since I don't have a grill pan or cranberry jam, I ate the cheese while enjoying a bottle of wine, just as good!!

I paid 50 Polish złoty for the cheese. Converted, this is 10.63 EUR.