Hungary - Budapest

Goulash soup:
For those who may not have known, this soup originally comes from
- Hungary, and you can taste it!
Please stop with the ready-made bags from the supermarket.
It's not even close to how it's actually supposed to be...

The soup I ate at Baradla Ä–tteren was (compared to how we know it) watery, full of herbs & spices and filled with: carrot, bell pepper, onion, potato and pork.
This dish was served with bread, homemade hot sauce and dried chili flakes.

I'm a person who likes spicy, so this was not a problem for me.
Don't feel obligated to eat it this way, but if you get the chance, I definitely recommend it!

Just remember that you didn't make this soup in a few minutes.
You create the delicious taste by letting it simmer for a few hours.

Price of this dish: 1,990 HUF. Converted, that's 5.23 EUR.

Hortobágyi stílusú töltött csirkes palacsinta:
It's pretty cool if you can pronounce this in one go.
I'll translate it for you: Hortobágyi style chicken-filled pancake.
In short: Hortobágyi is a place in Hungary and you may have guessed the rest.

Actually, the recipe is not that difficult to describe, because the name says enough.
The pancake is filled with ground chicken, swimming in a sauce of goulash and topped with crème fraîche.
On the side of the plate is a garnish of green pesto, also crème fraîche and parsley.

The taste was special and unique. If I could describe it in 3 words I would say: creamy, soft and Hungarian.
In the first sight it wasn't something that I would make for myself, but from now on I want to make it more often.
Afterall, the dish was very tasty and definitely worth a try!

If you plan to make this at home, pay particular attention to the amount of butter you use when baking the pancake. Using a little too much butter can affect the entire recipe.

Price of this dish: 3,200 HUF. Converted, that's 8.00 EUR.

Magyaros Marhabélszín medál sült újburgonyaval:
I almost forgot to tell you! I ate this dish, combined with the stuffed pancake at  - Café Klauzal. That's a cafe in the center of Budapest.

This dish consists of: two grilled pork steaks, on a bed of tomato, orange bell pepper, onion and grilled potatoes (with skin).
After grilling, the vegetables are lightly fried in tomato sauce to absorb the flavour.
As a result, the taste of the tomato sauce was very dominant, but in a positive sense.
The garnish consisted of ketchup and green pesto.

The only drawback was that they used too much salt.
Should this be minimized, this would be an excellent dish.

Price of this dish: 8,400 HUF. Converted, that's 21.00 EUR.