Croatia - Zadar

Too bad, but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to put more than one dish on this page.
During my stay in Croatia I couldn't find the peace I needed at that moment.
Because I didn't want to leave the page empty, I quickly went to a restaurant to eat something before I went to my next location.

Lamb-Janjeci Tingul:
Not only Italy, but also Croatia is known for its pastas.
Pasta originally comes from Italy, but because both countries are very close to each other, they have almost the same dishes, but locally specialized.

Everyone has heard of a stew and pasta.
We in the Netherlands often eat this separately from each other.
Have you ever thought about combining this?
Well, the Croats do! This dish is made of stewed lamb in combination with gnocchi.
The lamb is stewed in red wine with parsley, rosemary, tomato, pepper and salt.
Now you may think that the herbs and spices that are added are not that much,
- but that is the secret of this dish.
Precisely by keeping it simple, you can taste the purity of the food.

By the way; do you see the green herbs in the middle of the dish?
Those are the roots of radishes. That makes the dish just a little spicier.

In addition to the main course, I had fresh bread from the bakery, of course I didn't bring my own...
No, I just got that bread from the restaurant.
I ate it in combination with the olive oil.
Did you know that Croatia is known for its traditional olive oil? They are good at this!

I ate this dish at Restaurant & Grill La Pegla for 14.80 EUR.