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When I came back in Greece by plane, I stayed in Thessaloniki for one last day.
After arriving in the city and checked in at the hostel, I putted my laptop in my backpack and went straight out onto the street.
There you are, right in the heart of Greece... without a plan and without a prospect.

After a 10 minute of walking, I found a small (sort of) supermarket-café.
The first thing I did was walking to the counter to order a beer and went outside to sit on the terrace.
Because traveling without a plan can sometimes be quite difficult, I suggested to myself that I should have at least a small idea of what I will do in the coming weeks before I'm leaving to Bulgaria.
(A sip of beer can bring out so much wisdom...)

Finnaly I ended up in Vasiliki, on the island Lefkada. I will tell you more about it on this page.
Why don't you watch the video already? Here you will see some moments of my staying.

Did you know that Lefkada is a very popular holiday destination among the Greeks?
I agree with them for 100%!

On this page I try to convince you to visit this island at least once in your life

When I finnised sipping my beer, I finally made the choice to camp.
And where is the best place to camp? At the camping!

With full enthusiasm, a lot of sunshine and dry underwear, I made it to the campsite.
But once I arrived at the campsite, everything suddenly started to be the opposite.
I became a littlebit less enthousiastic, because the sun turned into rain and my underpants didn't stay dry either...
And this happend at the moment when I still had to set up my tent, oops!

Just before we couldn't avoid the big rain that was comming up, the emergency troops arrived from all sides.
The first team arrived from the north, from the sanitary building, with a toilet roll in his right hand.
Team number 2 came from the west with a night lamp to read the description: "How to build up this tent".
And from the east and the south came the last team who were very useful for the teambuilding.
From this moment on I knew it for sure; I'm at the campsite...

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The watersport from Vasiliki:

Did you know that Vasiliki is a very popular spot for windsurfers and catamaran sailors?
When the wind falls over the mountain, you get a strong wind approached to sea level.
The higher the mountain, the more wind power you will have.
That's why you see a lot of people surfing close to the mountain, because that's where you get the most wind.

Every year thousands of tourists come to this attraction.
Many people don't know this place yet, but it has certainly grown in the last years.

At Vasiliki Beach you have several surf schools and I received my fun and joy at WildWind Holidays.
Thanks to them I was able to take these beautiful photos and videos!

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I joined the WildWind Holidays rescue brigade:

As I mentioned above, I was able to take a nice series of photos thanks to WildWind Holidays.
I'm glad that being shy isn't really in my blood, otherwise I would never had this experience.

It all started with sober thoughts in combination with a walk on the beach, while the sea water was flowing slowly at my feet.
I knew I was going to take photos that day, but I had no answer to who, what, where and how?
Until I asked WildWind Holidays for advice.

After some chatting and trying to find out what would be a good idea, I finally came up with the following proposal:
"If I can join the rescue brigade, I will write something about the company on my website"
You can guess 3 times what his answer was....
Aaah you know what, I'll save you some time; you can find the answer below ;-)

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Roadtrip across the island:

Do you see that photo with the floating bridge?
If you don't see it, scroll down a bit, because I want to tell you something fun about this.

The floating bridge that you see ensures that the island of Lefkada receives more subsidies and tourists than the other islands.
You could imagine that, if an island is only accessible by boat or plane,  this will have a big limitation on the economy.
This is one of the reasons that Greece gives more subsidies to islands, mainly to maintain the well-being of the population.

Because the floating bridge floats away once in a while, in theory it can't be called a bridge. Once this is a standing bridge that cannot move, Lefkada is considered as a part from mainland Greece.
In the photo with the orange arrow, you can see where the floating bridge is located.

The rest of the photos where taking in different places on the island.
So many colors, freedom, mountains and trees...
If you're in Lefkade, you can't avoid these!

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The Highlights of the Night:

I enjoyed Lefkada so much, I couldn't stop taking pictures!
And of course, I'm happy to share them with you :-)
As the title says: Highlights of the Night; these are the photos of moments that made the nights shine.

Wait! Before you have a better look at the photos, I want to let you know that I didn't used any form of photoshop.
The only things I changed are the brightness, contrast and sharpness.

* Spiritual meaning “Snake Skin”:
It promotes inner peace and reduces worries and depressive feelings.
It strengthens self-love and self-esteem and attracts love. *

Village Kalampaka - Meteora Mountains:

When I left to Bulgaria, I drove about 2:00 hours extra to admire this wonderfull pearl of Greece.

Have you watched the video yet?
Oh, what a beautiful place!

This mountains are not near Lefkada, it's
- located 300km away from the island.
Still, many local people from Lefkada recommend this place.
For most of them it's pretty common to go here several times a year to enjoy this beautiful landscape.