The Netherlands - IJmuiden

Nature & Culture

As you may have read on the "The Trip" page, I caught a plane May 12 to surprise my mother at her birthday party on May 13.
I stayed in the Netherlands for 1 week and during this time I took the opportunity to take some photos and videos of IJmuiden.

For those who may not have known, IJmuiden is my home port.
The place where I have lived for 27 years and also the place I left March 13 to embark on a new adventure.
An adventure of which I do not know how it will turn out, nor do I know how it will end.

My fingers itch like crazy because I am writing about this with full passion!
On this page I try to show you why I am so excited about IJmuiden.
Do you want the fresh fish that is received at the quay, the beautiful dunes and the beach where many people will spend their time in summer?
Then just come by once and you will know, why you will never forget IJmuiden....

IJmuiden from above:

As the title of the paragraph says it all; IJmuiden from above.
In the first picture you can see the residential areas of IJmuiden and in the second picture the backyard of the village.

The backyard of IJmuiden:

Who doesn't dream of a mega large backyard where you can't even see the end?!
For anyone living in IJmuiden, this is a dream that many people envy.

Do I make you curious already?
I won't keep you from looking at the photos any longer.
All you have to do is scroll down a little bit.

You're almost there.....

You found it!

Not only for you, but also for me, it took a while to find the most beautiful photos.
I'm so glad that we found them!!!

The beach of IJmuiden:

You can enter the IJmuiden beach in different ways.
You can do this through the beach of Zandvoort, the Kennemerboulevard or through the IJmuiderslag.
I chose the latter because I find this the most beautiful route.


There is plenty to do during the day on the wharves and in the harbor.
People work here every day with pride and craft.
Often, in the evening, people are exhausted from all that hard work and are preparing for the next day.

The peace you see, feel and hear at night that is amazing!
The gentle prattle of the boat, an occasional seagull flying by and the lighthouse protecting the village with its light.
That's for me the power of IJmuiden at night.

The music and dance culture of the Netherlands:

I get a lot of questions from travelers about what exactly our music and dance culture is.
Stop reading... Start the video!

I still want to say something:

Actualy it's pretty difficult (as an IJmuiden native) to map out the highlights of the village.
Because once you stay in one place a bit longer, everything starts to become ordinary and normal.
I hope that with this article I have given you a little wake-up call and convinced you how beautiful IJmuiden can be.

Message to IJmuiden residents: Go outside, it's much too nice weather to sit inside!
When was the last time you took a walk in the village?

P.S. Yes I know, IJmuiden is a city.....