Montenegro - Podgorica

Nature & Culture

Montenegro, the land of mountains and free open nature.
A country often forgotten, but very popular with travelers.
If you have the opportunity to go to Montenegro, you should definitely do it!

This country has many hidden places that you can visit by bus.
But if you can go by car, you can enjoy the nature just a bit more extensively, like I did.

Hopefully, my pictures will inspire you to visit Montenegro.
Not only the nature, but also the people have an open culture.

In any case, it is a place that you will never forget.


Day trip in Montenegro:

During my stay in Montenegro, I tried very hard to see as much of the area as possible.
The pictures shown below were taken at different locations.
Our first destination was ¨National park Skadarsko Jezero¨; then we drove on to ¨National park Lovćen¨ (which is located at an altitude of 1750m), and ended in the city of Kotor.

Vodopad Nijagara:

During my visit to the Nijagara waterfall, I suffered from a lot of rain, wind and thunder.
I was soaking wet when I finished the photo shoot, but it was worth it!

Now, you would think that this is not the best time to go outside to take photos, but I took a shot anyway to try a different way of photography.
Hopefully, you are just as satisfied as I am!