Slovakia - Bratislava

Nature & Culture

I had such a great experience in this city! Because of this I had too little time to work on my blog!
From the first moment I was not so charmed by Bratislava, but once you are a few steps in the center you start to feel it.
The stiffness, openness and friendliness of the people are so different from what I'm used to had in the Netherlands.
Over here it's quite normal that you are at the bar and that strange people just ask you to spend the rest of the night with them.
Because of this I have met and got to know many different nationalities.
To my regret it was unfortunately not possible to stay a few more days.
Beside that, on the last day I did my best to take a few nice pictures of the architecture and nature in Slovakia.


I took the first photo during a tour in Bratislava. In this photo you can see the difference between old and new Bratislava. New Bratislava was founded in 1973.
The communist Czechoslovak government decided to demolish the historic center of Petralka to house a large group of workers.
The reform has to do with the former poverty in the country. So New Bratislava was created out of economic interests.

In the second picture I want to give you a small impression about the construction of the houses in old Bratislava.

And finally the third picture. I took this photo in ¨Devinska Nová Ves¨, a district of Bratislava (District IV), on my way to the nature reserve Pieskovec
(translated: Sandstone).


Did you know that it is quite difficult to take good nature photos near Bratislava?
Of the at least 20 photos, only 3 made it through to the next round.
These 3 photos were taken in Pieskovec Nature Reserve.

Photo 1: Did you know that you can see Austria on the other side of the Morava river?

Photo 2: Pieskovec owes its name to these sandstones.

Photo 3: Sometimes a photo just doesn't have a description.