Hungary - Budapest

Nature & Culture

I'm so sorry that I can't show anything about the city of Budapest.
Unfortunately I didn't give myself the opportunity to take good pictures of this.
Many days were very wet and cold, it was quite difficult to park your car near the hotspots and I took advantage of the days when the weather was a littlebit better to go to the Baradla Aggtelek cave. Below I will tell you more about this.

Baradla Aggtelek cave:

Before you look at the pictures I would like to give you a little explanation about the cave itself and what you see exactly.
On 03-28-2023 I went here. The cave is located next to a small village that owes its name to the cave, Aggtelek.
Inside the cave the temperature was 11 degrees Celsius, and the outside temperature was 7 degrees Celsius.
The difference of the temperature is, because the cave has a constant humidity around the 95% and is located 23 meters underground.
The spines that you see are due to the humidity and the salt content. They grow by 1mm every year. It was very amazing to see how many years this cave exist.

As you can see at the photos there are many different colors. Below a short description:
Orange - Iron
White - Limestone
Brown - Stone
Black - Smoke deposits from the torches they used years ago

Fun to do: In the later years of the cave's creation, they turned the remains into statues for the heroes of Hungary.
Can you see all 5?
(For mobile: photo 4)
(For computer: second photo at the bottom)


On the way to the Baradla Aggtelek cave I came across this waterfall.
There really isn't much to tell about the waterfall, I just enjoyed taking a picture of it.

But I do have something nice to say about the photo below.
Did you know that these little hobbit houses used to be used for food storage?
From the moment the supermarkets came into the streets, this are only used for the storage of wine.