Croatia - Zadar

Nature & Culture

As you may have read on the ¨Food¨ page, I did not find the peace and quiet I needed when I was in Croatia.
However, I was lucky enough to meet two people during the stay with whom I took an unforgettable walk in the ¨National park - Paklenica¨.

Also for the page ¨Nature & Culture¨ I will visit Croatia later in my trip. So part 2 will be made for this later.

Paklenica National Park:

Have you ever seen the movie Winnetou? That's that movie with all those Indians that was released in the '60s.
In the park where I went they made a lot of film recordings, because this park has a lot of variety and a great view where you can't believe your eyes!

I have to admit that it was so incredibly difficult to take good pictures. The most difficult part was taking colorful pictures.
Besides the fact that I was in the preseason, the mountains had little color and the sun didn't want to show herself, I am very satisfied with the result.

On my way to Dubrovnik:

Because I couldn't find much peace in Croatia, I tried to stay in another place in Croatia.
Unfortunately, this didn't go quite as I expected, but fortunately I was able to take one nice picture along the way of a small village where you can see everything that Croatia has.
The mountains, sea, river and the construction of the houses and rail transport.